Get better finish and versatility. Plus save with reduced paint usage.

Nitrotherm Spray system, a patent from Eurosider, is creating big cost and finish advantages to the wood product manufacturing sector.

Better adhesion for speedier production and less wastage

By using heated and ionised nitrogen, spray paints and coats adhere better to the surface of wooden and carved material than conventional compressed air systems.
As a result you can spray in thinner layers to reduce spray paint usage and costs. Drying time is also cut, which altogether helps you increase your productivity.

  • 50% reduction in application time

  • Greater throughput

  • Increased paint yields

  • Saving of up to 20% in paint material costs


Flatter finish

Nitrotherm Spray allows paint and coatings to be applied thinly, wet-on-wet.  This eliminates those common paint issues found in traditional methods such as running, sags, drips and the orange peel effect.
Thanks to the ability to spraying at a reduced pressure, Nitrotherm Spray also creates less turbulence, thereby reducing dust and dirt particles being left in the paint. This rewards you with a higher quality finish.

Less overspray and wastage

With superior adhesion thanks to ionisation, Nitrotherm Spray produces less overspray, so that means less wastage and cleaning maintenance time for your booths and booth filters.

Reduce VOCs

With less overspraying, this also cuts the need for solvents to reduce your VOC emissions and  help meet your environmental obligations.


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Consistent finishing with no climate control needed

In addition the use of heated ionised nitrogen allows paint viscosity to be the same regardless of fluctuations in humidity, temperature or climatic conditions.  This ensures your production outputs at a consistently high quality standard without the cost implications of introducing climate and temperature control systems.

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Wood Manufacturing Spraying Benefits:

  • Spray and coat in thin layers
  • Reduce wastage from overspraying
  • Speed up application time
  • Increase paint and coating coverage
  • Boost productivity
  • Cut your paint material costs
  • Get superior quality of coating finishes

Easy integration

Nitrotherm is an easy add-on system that can be used with any type of spray gun, robotic system or spray booth.

Complete installation and training

We will install your Nitrotherm Spray equipment within just 1-2 days, avoiding disruption to your usual business.  User training is also provided in an intensive 3-day programme.


Want to see how Nitrotherm works? Book a demo and see this revolutionary system in action at our Northampton premises.



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