In the rail industry there are cost-efficiencies that need to be considered but there are no cutting corners. Finishing has to be rigorous to withstand heavy duty use and the latest rolling stock needs to present a smart look to customers.  We work with rail industry manufacturers in a diverse range of applications including spraying trains, fencing and signage.

Save at least 20% on your paint costs!

Nitrotherm Spray is a superior method to traditional spraying that also saves costs.

Replacing compressed air with ionised nitrogen for the fluid carrier, Nitrotherm Spray provides a better faster application and finishing.

Ionisation of the paint particles ensures better adhesion to the coated surface. There is less overspray, so that means less wastage. Consequently this:

  • Speeds up production

  • Provides greater throughput

  • Allows greater paint yields

  • Saves up to 20% on paint material costs

  • Plus it creates faster production

    with a 50% reduction in application time

Enhanced finish

Due to spraying at a reduced pressure, Nitrotherm creates less turbulence.  This reduces the number of dust and dirt particles reaching the paint to give you a higher quality finish.  Another key benefit is that polishing is no longer needed so labour time is optimised.

Nitrotherm Spray allows paint and coatings to be applied thinly, wet-on-wet.  This eliminates those paint issues such as running, sags, drips and the orange peel effect.
In addition it permits paint viscosity to be the same regardless of any changes in humidity, seasonal changes in temperature or climatic conditions.  This ensures your production output maintains the same high quality standards for finishing, any time or any place you are spraying.


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Less cleaning maintenance

Nitrotherm Spray allows you to apply thin layers wet-on-wet. With flash-off time cut, it reduces labour time, boosts your productivity and consequently your bottom line. Watch our videos to see a demo of the features and benefits of Nitrotherm Spray in automotive spraying.

Cut your VOC emissions

Less overspraying is also beneficial for reducing VOC emissions, to help aid your environmental obligations.

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Rail Manufacturing and Refurbishment Spraying Benefits:

  • Increase your productivity
  • Cut your paint costs
  • Get superior coating finishes
  • Reduce VOC emissions

Complete installation and training

Our dedicated installation team will install your Nitrotherm Spray equipment within just 1-2 days, avoiding any disruption to your day-to-day business.  User training is also given in an intensive programme that lasts three days.


Want to see how Nitrotherm works? Book a demo and see this revolutionary system in action at our Northampton premises.



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