Make production savings on paint and boost productivity

In the manufacturing industry, the spraying of heavy equipment calls for tight control of costs and high volume throughput. Nitrotherm Spray machines are an innovation in time and cost savings that will revolutionise the productivity of your heavy equipment manufacturing operations.

What are the cost savings and productivity gains?


  • 20% saving on paint material costs

  • Faster spraying production reducing application time by 50%

How it achieves this…

Nitrotherm Spray is a better more cost effective alternative to traditional spraying methods.

The main difference is that instead of compressed air as the fluid carrier it utilises ionised nitrogen. This reduces static and creates superior adhesion as well as a better finish. Our innovative system also lowers the viscosity of the paint and reduces the need for solvents.

This in turn:

  • Allows the possibility to paint wet-on-wet

  • Creates a shorter flash-off time

  • Less overspraying and cleaning time needed of booths

  • Altogether this saves your precious time and increases productivity

High quality of finish

Nitrotherm Spray allows you to apply paint and coatings in thin layers, wet-on-wet.  This means that typical paint flaws including running, sags, drips and the orange peel effect are done away with.

What is more, paint viscosity is not affected by changing humidity, seasonal temperatures or climatic conditions.  What this means is that the quality of output across your manufacturing spraying production is standardised and needs no temperature/humidity controlling equipment in place.

Nitrotherm also sprays with reduced turbulence so that less dirt results on the paint surface for to higher quality results and no labour time needed for polishing.



Use the calculator below to see what you could be saving each month


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Reduce VOCs

Nitrotherm creates a cleaner working environment due to fewer  contaminants in the atmosphere.  With less solvents needed, our patented system helps lower your VOC emissions to help you meet your environmental obligations.

Easy integration

Nitrotherm is an easy add-on system that can be used with any type of spray gun, robotic system or spray booth.

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Quality and versatility of spraying and coating

Nitrotherm Spray painting system can be used to paint plastic, metal and aluminium in a wide variety of colours, clear coats, textured finishes or metallics. Our innovative painting system allows
you to apply high quality spraying paints and coatings on large surfaces of heavy equipment.

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Spraying Benefits:

  • Speeds up production
  • Provides greater throughput
  • Allows greater paint yields
  • Cuts your paint costs
  • Produces  superior coating finishes
  • Reduces VOC emissions

Complete installation and training

Installation of your Nitrotherm Spray equipment is completed without any disruption to your operations in only just 1-2 days.  We also carry out user training lasting three days.


Want to see how Nitrotherm works? Book a demo and see this revolutionary system in action at our Northampton premises.



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