Save at least 20% on your paint costs!

When you are running an auto body shop or collision repair centre you have to meet demands for high quality finishes at a cost effective outlay. Equipment needs to justify its expense and be economical and aid productive working. This is where Nitrotherm Spray can truly revolutionise your business. It could be what drives your business to becoming the leading body shop in the area.

Ionised nitrogen for a better finish

Nitrotherm Spray works by using nitrogen instead of compressed air. Heated and ionised the nitrogen gives better adhesion and finish to the paint film.  Usual paint runs, sagging, drips and the orange peel effect are gone. It also means you can reduce your spraying pressure. As a result it creates:

  • Less turbulence

    reducing the presence of dirt and dust in the finished coating

  • Less polishing needed

    thanks to an improved finish

  • Greater yields

    through less wastage your paint will go further

  • Saves your business

    at least 20-30% on coating materials

  • Significantly reduced overspray

    to reduce maintenance time for your booths and booth filters

  • Reduced contaminants

    with less overspray solvent use is cut, helping to aid your environmental targets

  • Quicker production

    saving up to a  50% reduction in application time


Use the calculator below to see what you could be saving each month


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Changing the way you apply paint

Nitrotherm Spray allows you to apply thin layers wet-on-wet. With flash-off time cut, it reduces labour time, boosts your productivity and consequently your bottom line. Watch our videos to see a demo of the features and benefits of Nitrotherm Spray in automotive spraying.

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Consistent results, whatever the weather

Using nitrogen as the fluid carrier also brings another big benefit. It means that even if the weather or climatic conditions vary during application, you can maintain the same paint viscosity for consistent levels of quality.

Automotive Refinishing Benefits:

  • Lower your operating costs
  • Be more productive
  • Drive better profits
  • Lessen the environmental impact

Complete installation and training

Installation is quick and efficient. We have a dedicated installation team to carry out installations to your requirements that will avoid any disruption to your daily operations. Training, lasting three days, is given to your employees to help them gain full familiarity with Nitrotherm’s features and capabilities.


Want to see how Nitrotherm works? Book a demo and see this revolutionary system in action at our Northampton premises.



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