What savings can I expect?

We guarantee a 20% saving on paint usage.

Can we prove the savings we state?

Yes. Due to the sensitive nature and savings that users of Nitrotherm are experiencing we can’t post this data online but can show detailed reports proving the savings provided to us by some of our customers.

Will Nitrotherm speed up my production?

Yes. You can expect a 25% increase in production time.

Is Nitrotherm environmentally friendly?

Yes. By reducing your paint usage you are automatically reducing your VOC usage. This will obviously enhance your environmentally friendly business image.

How does Nitrotherm work?

By removing the nitrogen content from your compressed air, this allows you to reduce your spraying pressure. We can then heat and set the polarity of the nitrogen which gives better adhesion and finish to the paint film.

Can Nitrotherm give me less dirt in my paint finish?

Yes. Due to spraying at less pressure, there is less turbulence which gives a reduction in dirt and dust. This means less polishing and quicker throughput.

Which Nitrotherm machine do I need?

  • Our entry level machine J10 will serve 1 spray booth.
  • Our J20 dual hose machine is a typical install for 2 spray booths usually handling 4/5 spray jobs per booth per day.
  • Our J40 can power 4 booths when coupled to a Dual Hose Top Spray.

Due to our wide range of machines, we recommend a site visit to discuss your requirements in order to suggest the most suitable install.

How long does a Nitrotherm install take?

Our dedicated installation team typically take 1-2 days depending on how many machines are being installed. There will be no disruption to your existing work schedule whilst we install.

Do you provide training?

Yes. Every install will have a 3 day  on-site training workshop. All staff will receive certification following their training.

Where can I see Nitrotherm working?

We have a dedicated demo centre based at our premises in Northampton. Please call 01604 817779 to arrange your demonstration or email us for more information.