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Due to your monthly spend you may not achieve the maximum savings of Nitrotherm however please contact us below and our advisors will be able to advise further for your business.

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* This calculator gives an estimated saving based on your average monthly paint costs and can not be used as a guarantee. For a more detailed evaluation, please contact us using the form below or why not see the Nitrotherm system in action by booking a demo day with one of our specialists.

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How much can I save using Nitrotherm Spray?

When integrated into any existing paint spraying production line, Nitrotherm Spray uses pure nitrogen to heat the paint whilst spraying. This allows the spray gun attached to use a lower pressure, reducing turbulence, dirt and dust to give an improved coating application – every time.

By heating the nitrogen particles, the Nitrotherm Spray unit enables the sprayer to paint the same surface area using less paint. The thinner paint layers reduce the amount of paint required and take less time to dry between coats increasing production throughput. To save further costs, the thinner layers mean that less gas is needed to bake between applications and less paint thinners are required resulting in reduced VOC levels, improving the green footprint of your business.

Save approximately 20% on paint costs each month!

You’ll save approximately 20% on your monthly paint usage when adding the Nitrotherm Spray System to your paint line.
Use the calculator above to find out how much you could save!

Improve productivity. Reduce costs. Lower emissions.

Guaranteed 20% saving in monthly paint costs when using Nitrotherm Spray in your paint line.

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